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Here are just a few of our incredible podcast guests:
Jamie Laing
Founder of Candy Kittens
Made In Chelsea star
Alex Vaidya
Founder & CEO
Story Stream
Corin Hardy
Empire Award winning
movie director
Steve Bartlett
Founder & CEO
Social Chain
Deepak Tailor
Young Entrepreneur
of the Year 2015
Jess Stephens
Founder, TagPoints
CMO, Smart Focus
Rupa Ganatra
35 under 35 winner
Founder of M2020
Kevin Murray
Best selling author of
'The Language of Leaders'

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The Entrepreneurial Guide to Failure

There are people who walk around largely failure-less. The near-perfection of the facade is nauseating. Even they might be a little disturbed by the whole thing, wondering when the downfall is to come. Braced a...
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5 Ways to Reinvent Stagnated Concepts of Work

Here’s your chance to know the top 5 lessons from the revolutionary book, REWORK, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. When I noticed REWORK hopping from desk to desk at the office, I didn’t think too m...

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